Friday, October 8, 2010

O Canada!

So the involuntary pause continued for some time. We still have no internet at home (crazy Dutch system). I'm finally here in Canada though, and able to have plenty of internet access to write on the ol'blog. It was an interesting flight over. I sat between a wonderfully talkative Mormon kid (it has to be said...he was only 22) on his way to pick up his fiance to be, and a wonderfully talkative Budhist women returning from the Plum Village Monastary in France (a place I've always wanted to go).

Now, here I am for a wonderful weekend with Sophie-Louise Roland, hopefully productive as well. It is Thanksgiving weekend here in London Ontario and I'm looking forward to lots of Canadian family time (with Todd, Eleonore, Anabelle, and Denise as well of course). BUT, then its off to Toronto to begin work on Opera York's new "La Boheme". I have to isn't a show I EVER thought I'd want to direct. I always loved it, but didn't see myself in it. I take it all back. I think it is an absolutely perfect, timeless, and extremely human piece. I'll write more about what I have in mind for it in the coming posts, but I'm very excited  It will be simple, direct, honest. I have never met the cast, the conductor, anyone from the company. It is going to be a real adventure for me. Can't wait...