Sunday, June 12, 2011

la serenissima

in venice (and after having my computer stolen) i have very little access to the internet world. that's fine, or would be fine, but i have a huge rossini project to start in a week and a half and i'm feeling a bit isolated. its so lovely though to be back in venice. we lived here eight years ago, and now to come back feeling like a really more settled european, and person in general, feels great. to know these streets by heart is heartening, and there is so much to see and breath in. i love it here, i don't think i'd want to return to live, but for a long long visit it would be nice.

in the meantime things are moving ahead with plans for next year's crop at the studio. i'll be instituting monthly performances, feeling strongly that singers learns best by doing. i have some great projects and important collaborations planned. at the same time we are all waiting with baited breath for the new "kunst" plan to come down from the hague. it is going to be scary, but art has a way of always surprising. the kabinet has said they want to stress quality over everything, and for us its important that they new they cannot be supportive of quality in opera if they cut the pool from which young singers spring.

more later about rossini, but now to each some tiramisu and to enjoy a bike ride!

Monday, June 6, 2011

artistic director opera studio nederlands

this past week i was appointed the new artistic director of the netherlands opera studio, this country's premier training institution for young emerging opera singers. it is a huge leap for me that still allows me to work freelance as a director, but to also have a real impact on the future of the art form and those that make it. i start officially in september, but will start the planning for full and exciting season now. it is very exciting and very big news!!!! yipee...