Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Spain and Back to Blogging

Well, this time tomorrow I will be on a plane with my little cat Romeo...hopefully that is (visa, visa, and more visa issues...maybe I'll end up back here!). At the same time I have had my head dug down into a pile of grant appliations, copying parts, making out contracts, designing sets, and most importantly getting the word out about "David et Jonathas". Our publicist Laura Grant is doing great work on that end and the time has come to get moving on M. Charpentier's masterpiece (or Charpent Ier as a conductor friend and I decided would be a great drag name tonight). It will be a busy Spring outside of that though. There will be an Ignoti Dei concert in DC and two in Italy, plus some other concerts. And...finally...blogging back on a regular basis!

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