Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tonight is the premier of my new piece, "HARAWI"...which Messiaen's epic 1945 song-cycle, fully staged as a "cabaret on eternity". It is an exploration of the idea of transfiguration, a concept that exists in all cultures and is that moment and mankind reaches out into the infinite, the eternal. My fantastic performers (soprano Sarah Barnes and pianist Ido Ariel) and I have been working at the farmhouse of Steve and Cherry Large. These are remarkable people that lost their daughter Sophie in a car accident nearly 10 years ago. They honor her by their foundation (patronized by Dame Judi Dench) which supports young artists and their creative work. They have turned their barn into a theater where we workshopped the piece all week and gave an informal premier on Friday which was fantastically received. Now we are in the big city and will give the work its London premier tonight at The Space. Then back home to Amsterdam tomorrow!

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