Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Apple

Im entering my third day in New York, and this will be a day of rest. Yesterday I had a terrific coffee with the director of the Institute for Living Judasim which is coproducing our New York performances of David et Jonathas. Then I got a tour through the spaces at BAM. The Harvey Theater is a masterpiece. For those of you who haven't been there, it was reclaimed for theater in the 80s originally for a Peter Brook production (and it has his footprint all over it). In a masterstroke they left the interior bare, meaning exposed walls, no attempt at renovation. Instead they installed arena style seating and made it into an almost ancient temple to theater. Really something. The other space is the Opera House. It is gorgeous of course and the acoustics are so good that filling the space is music doesn't frighten me...filling it will people on the other hand, now that is frightening. It is something for us to consider more. I am hoping for the Harvey, but we will know soon if we have to go the the OH. Thoughts anyone?

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Rebecca said...

Of course I vote for easy-to-fill-room-with-sound hall!