Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Barcelona, Birthdays, and Bullfights, oh my!

So things are starting, very slowly let me assure you, to grow into a sort of routine here in Spain. We do not have internet at home yet, but we do have a large modern library close by, complete with a farmer's market and supermarket on the ground floor. The apartment is humble, but by walking out my door I stand less than 50 yards from the Sagrada Familia (Gaudi's still unfinished masterpiece, slated to be completed in 2020...I won't hold my breath). Also I am finally coming up for air and starting to return to the company matters at hand.

Our first performance in the Gonda Theatre was a real learning experience and is creating some possible changes in our 2008-2009 season. I am also cleaning up the financial...I hesitate to say mess, but...matters of "Ground". Also "Messiah" isn't that far away and there are three choruses to organize, let alone the cast and orchestra. Somewhere in there I need to get time to really dig into the score myself.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we are going to celebrate by going to the bullfight on Sunday. Now before all of you animal rights folks get upset at me, I completely agree. I am not going for sport, but for research. I must admit I am a little excited though. It all has to do with a not-so-little known opera I'm pondering over. Click here to read a commentary along similar lines by Sally Potter, that fantastic director of "Orlando" (a gorgeous film) who is now directing a production of unsaid opera at the ENO.

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