Thursday, September 27, 2007

Promises, promises

Okay, now that things are a little more settled a really do intend to get back on the blog-wagon. I haven't fallen of the wagon exactly, have been working quite hard considering, just not a lot of access to the internet. We have been promised a Wifi connection, but on Spanish time that could be anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Still waiting...Dan has been able to find wireless on our balcony, but none for me alas. I have found a connection here at ESMUC (the Catalan national conservatory) and so here I am, burning music and writing on the blog finally. (The conservatory is in the same building where the symphony performs and looks out over the beautiful neo-classical national theater)

I have recently been juggling programing ideas around for next year. Yes, I thought I had the next three seasons set, but things never go quite as one plans. I have found a fantastic work to possible trade in for next year (a work that no one does, but that won't break the bank). I have also been working on a fourth production for next year that will be performed in Baltimore. I am almost ready to announce this one because it is such a fantastic concept (not to give it away, but I'm in the perfect, almost perfect, place to do research...hint, hint).

Also not to give anything away, but Gerard Mortier (who might just be the savior of opera in American) recently announced his plans for his first season at City Opera which will be 2009-2010. It just so happens that his theatrical coup is my theatrical coup (and I flatter myself to say great minds think alike). That has made for a recent mess of our plans and I have been searching for a replacement. Now, however, I am considering going ahead with the original plans...we'll see.

Finally I have been looking at a number of opportunity to out of town shows and some potential performances in New York. Of course we make our New York debut in May with "David et Jonathas", but we would like to continue performing there. I am looking at one piece in particular work that has been performed in the US for quite a while and is extremely controversial. The happenings in this country and through-out the world in the last five years make this an important time to remount it. It is an stunning work that has the potential to create a dialougue on peace. Unfortunately, sometime the hardest messages to hear are the most needed.

Today I am going to walk to the sea to see what wisdom it might shed on these thoughts.

And, still looking for some project here in Barcelona. Check out this festival which looks pretty cool Festival d'Opera Butxaca

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