Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My point exactly...

I received this wonderful email yesterday (much needed solidarity indeed) and the sender graciously agreed that I could include it in a post. I'm too tired to get into a heady discussion of the nature of art, and why and for whom it exists...but this sort of email means more than a good review ever could. We don't produce for the critics.

Hello Mr. Nelson,

I wanted to thank you and all the members of AOT for the wonderful performance of David et Jonathas this past weekend. My partner and I attended on Saturday and were so moved by the music, singing and artistry that we returned for the Sunday production. We have long been opera fans, but frankly we have grown weary of productions that, though technically dazzling, are too often stodgy and passionless. This weekend, for the first time in years, we were both moved to tears by a work of opera--of course, the company's creativity and musical prowess were first-rate, but it was the soul and utter humanity of your production that enraptured us. Though you may find that some audiences and critics are not prepared for opera that actually engages them emotionally, still less opera that challenges them to think and respond, please know that we loved it and we know that many other people will also.

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