Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reports of my death of been greatly exaggerated!

So...I have heard recent rumors that American Opera Theater is no more! But, indeed that is thankfully not the case at all. I suppose not blogging in a month hasn't helped any. I must apologize. I have been traveling a great deal and as much as I admire Brian Dickie's ability to keep at the blog when on the road...I just can't do it. I spent a wonderful time in Mobile, AL with the folks at Mobile Opera before heading to the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University where I am teaching a month long scenes workshop. After that I will stay on to work on a production of "She Loves Me" with the IU Summer Music Festival, and eventually end up in Italy for a series of chamber music concerts. All before returning to the US for the next works of American Opera Theater.

Which brings me to a few updates on the company and the coming season. Unfortunately we have canceled September's production of "Calisto". The timing with the University and a desire to get the production just right have made this seem like the best decision. In its place we are going to present a burlesque evening featuring many AOT favorites in a diverse array of performances alla the classic variety show. In an effort of perform more in Baltimore we will present this both in DC and in Baltimore.

In the last week of September and the first week of October we return to the Baltimore Theatre Project with a brilliant new cabaret production of Bizet's "Carmen". In a unique theater experience that only AOT can provide, this immortal score comes to life in a dark and witty production that combines a theater transformed into a Paris cabaret of the 1920s, with a tale of backstage lust, prostitution, love, and death - with an international cast of rising stars and all led by a depraved Master of Ceremonies. Music director will be JoAnn Kulesza, with lighting be Kel Millionie, and a special appearance by yours truly. This production will be a Baltimore exclusive.

In January, AOT will present Phillip Glass's "Hydrogen Jukebox". This mesmerizing piece combines Glass's atmospheric score with the poetry of Allen Ginsberg to paint a picture of America - from beginning to end. This will be a rare opportunity to see this work staged, and it will be a Washington, DC premier. More information to come on this important new production, but it is a unique opportunity not to be missed, and it goes up just days before the inauguration.

In April AOT will continue its budding relationship with Virginia Tech with a new double-bill production of Henry Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas" and John Blow's "Venus and Adonis". To be presented at Virginia Tech, this new production of the Blow and resurrected production of the Purcell will be a workshop to prepare for a fully staged production in the 2009-2010 season. As the first AOT production, this is the perfect way to usher in our 5th anniversary season.

Finally, AOT's most acclaimed production "Acis + Galatea" returns during the summer of 2010. Called "The Future of Opera" by the New York Times, "Acis + Galatea" represents AOT at its most inventive. It is a performance that captures the imagination of young and old alike and has delighted audiences around the country. Don't miss this opportunity to see a soprano sing while hanging upside-down, a tenor ringmaster on roller skates, or the antics of an alto dancing bear.

There is a lot more exciting news to come that I can't share just now. This post is just to let you know we are still here and that the work will just keep coming and getting more exciting with each production!


John Bowen said...

Hey Tim,

Welcome back to the blogosphere. I'm glad to hear that AOT will continue pushing the envelope in the coming season. I totally understand your admiration for Mr. Dickie's ability to blog under virtually any circumstances. I have been having a hard time keeping up the OV blog with all my traveling as well.

Anonymous said...

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