Saturday, July 21, 2007

Always just a little longer...

Well...our two hour board meeting last evening turned into a four and a half hour affair. Long, but in all fairness it was a lot of fun and VERY productive. The benefit was a success and we made big plans for the next three seasons for thing in front and behind the scenes.

Today I had the most wonderful tour of the Asian collection at the Walter's Arts Museum by the head of the Friends of the Asian Collection. The Walters is such a jewel of a collection for members of this community and it has recently been made free. The Asian collection is particularly beautiful and, I gather, important. To have it explained and to be guided through it by someone that knows the collection and its context so well made for a remarkable experience. Afterwards we all had an engaging lunch together with two charming fox terriers...what is it about those dogs?

Tomorrow morning I leave at 7am for Chicago...yuck!

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