Friday, July 20, 2007

Earth Angel

Yesterday was a big day. I went to Philadelphia to see a man about an angel (how many times can one say that?). I was visiting with the folks at Pierre's Costumes, one of the most important costumers in the country, about constructing one of our costumes for "Messiah". This is something new for me. We do most of our costuming in house. In this instance and technical needs of the costume were beyond anything we could do. I can't go too into details without giving parts of the show, but it needs to do some wild things and it was certainly the most expensive costume we've ever had built. After that I had a wonderful chat with Tempesta di Mare artistic director who lives in south Philadelphia (this chat ended with a walk through the Italian market there...something I always enjoy).

I returned last night just in time for the AOT summer benefit that was held at the Elm in Baltimore colorful Hamden neighborhood. To-be-expected last minute surprises aside, it was a really wonderful time. The highlight of course were performances by soprano Bonnie McNaughton (particularly brilliant Greig songs!) and by pianist Roberto Vela (also our newest board member). There were friend new and old, wonderful food and drink, music and conversation. I think it was a definite success for AOT and we will try to do something similar in December.

Tonight is our Summer board meeting and I'm excited to get going on some of our newest projects. I will report dutifully tomorrow. As for today, I'm in going to enjoy some time with family.

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