Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back in the Blue Ridge

After my trip to Chicago and a quick visit in Baltimore with friend and donors I am back in Virginia. Things are really starting up now. It is that difficult time before a production when things seem rather frightening. There are posters and postercards and press releases and meetings with designers and lighters and costumers. There are contracts and housing arrangements and travel reimbursements and finding a rehearsal space. It isn't the part of the job a love. This time it is all in preparation for "Ground" which opens our 2007-2008 season. Before that though I have to start staging "Messiah". Because it has never been done and is such an important work this is terrifying in itself. The looks I get when I tell people we are doing a staged "Messiah" confirm that it will be an uphill battle. I'm confident in the decision and the work though. The singers are fantastic and the orchestra will be minimal, but precise. I still have one act to stage and then catchings up on the first two acts that I staged in May.

Alas it is late now and I have to be up early in the morning!

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