Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goodbye to things we love...

Just a short note because I am in Warsaw at the moment and my computer has decided to put all the commands in Polish...not one of my languages.

Influencial conductor Craig Smith has died at age 60. He was the silent partner in so many things I love. He was the conductor for Peter Sellar's Da Ponte operas and "Giulio Cesare". He was also conductor for the Bach cantata project with Lorraine Hunt before she tragically died last summer. He founded Emmanuel Music in Boston, though not a period group the first Bach cantatas I saw performed live. He also conducted to Mark Morris. Most importantly, he gave Lorraine Hunt a musical start as a violist in his orchestra. The article can be read in full here.

Also, the blog Operatically Inclined is no longer. This was Clayton Koonce's blog which I read everyday. It is amazing how we take things for granted that we miss so much when they are gone. This blog was a fantastic way of keeping up on Baltimore/Washington events. Hopefully some version of if will return eventually.

(I'm not proofreading this because I am anxious to see some Warsovian sights)

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Clayton Koonce said...

Tim and any other readers: I really apologize for the interruption in my blog. I deleted it, yes, but I'm back in business. Although everything I posted before is gone, my web address seems to be viable still. I'm still rebuilding and making some design adjustments. (And Yugen was one of the first blogs I put back in my blog list!)