Saturday, October 20, 2007

All the b,towns in my life

When I lived in Bloomington, people used to call is B,town. As I went to title this entry it occured to me that the three most significant homes that I've known have all been B,towns...Baltimore, Bloomington, and now Barcelona. I returned to the latter yesterday and have hit the ground running (after having quite the confrontation with a pick-pocket in the metro - I guess with all my luggage I really looked like a tourist!). There is lots to be done here though. We have started selling ads for the program book for "Messiah". This is a great way for businesses both to support the arts and to get the word out out themselves to a wide audience. The people that come see our shows are loyal and want to support businesses that support the arts. "Messiah" is sure to attract a particularly wide swath of folks.

Also with "Messiah" are issues of the set. The look of the show is minimal as it is a reflection of medieval liturgical dramas and blurs the distinctions between concert, opera, and ritual. Still, there are some set pieces that need to be created and I have been busy designing and getting those designs off to the right people. We are trying to make sure all our ducks are in a row now since we have so many performances of the show. Also, and I hope I'm not giving too much away here, we have a quite elaborate set of wings to create and have been working with a company on the east-coast that does this sort of work.

We have also begun work on our holiday party - an invitation event that is meant to celebrate this year's accomplishments and look towards the next, and also build support for the company. It looks like it will include great food and drink, several fine performances, and a wonderful time with friends. More to come on that...

I had some great meetings in Washington, DC before leaving to return home. We are trying to develope more of a presence there and to include both Baltimorians and DCites on our board of directors. The next several years see us performing in both locals and I want to make sure that members of both communities are involved. It is wonderful to have a residency at Georgetown where we can perform shows that we have perfected or new pieces of the traditional repertoire that we can introduce. It is also great to have such loyal audiences in Baltimore where we can try our more innovative and unconventional (I know those are two words for the same thing, but it is such the case with us that I just felt I had to reiterate...please indulge me) works. Next year's Baltimore performance will be something quite special in particular!

It is also nearing time for our direct mail campaign and I have been tweaking the letter and working on the images. So many of the things I do as Artistic Director (things that should and will eventually fall to a General Director) are things I never thought I learned, and when I really think about it I should include those as blessings (however unwittingly) that have come from the company. These are things like doing design work, managing budgets, writing grants. I can't say I enjoy these, and that in and of itself is a grave understatement, but I suppose I do appreciate being able to do them.

I must admit that these blog posts are becoming increasingly frustrating. You can't imagine how much is going on behind the scenes for the next season. So much for this season is already done, or not interesting enough to write about. I fear the above may have already bored you to tears. Still, I can't announce the season yet, though I will say the blog readers will be among the first to know. Once I do, within a month or so, then I will have lots to say about casting, orchestra, concept, all the good stuff.

I will leave you with a couple of links to the Times:

The first is a great review for our friends at Opera Lafayette! (this despite my well known opinion of baroque dance...)

The second is an article on the horrors being committed to the "cover" system at the Met (I must say this Algna character sounds increasingly dreadful...and I'm afraid the voice just isn't good enough to make up for it)

The third is a an article on the incomparable Adrian Noble's production of "Macbeth". Particularly wonderful are his comments on verse, and the comments of Ms. Guleghina in the final paragraph (remember you heard me say this first!).

And finally a pictoral hint at "Messiah" (this is really THE event of the season...don't miss it)

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Clayton said...

Thanks, Tim. You answered my multitasking question. I'm looking forward to the staged Messiah and the AOT party.