Saturday, October 6, 2007

I will soon become back to the States for some family business and I might be a little out of commission for a week or so, though I will try my hardest not to be. I did want to mention that I has a really fantastic meeting just a couple days ago with Joan Matabosch who is the head of the Liceu Opera. He was a terribly nice person and spent a lot of time with me, showing me around the house, and chatting. They are doing a mixed season of old traditional productions, but some exciting new ones as well, including Carsen's "Tanhausser", and Willy Dexter's "Death in Venice", and Bieito's "Don Giovanni". The Carsen is an revival, but the Britten is new and should be terrific (he did a very powerful "Peter Grimes" in London not too long ago). I look forward to that very much since this work is sadly not done in the US (not yet anyway...). Bieito, as some of you might know, is the Catalan director who's "Abduction" caused all the fuss in regietheater of late. He is a pretty adventurous guy, but I understand that he is brilliant with singers and I look forward to seeing his "Giovanni".

Last night I went into the country to the home of some friends here, two brothers - a violinist and gambist (both playing a lot here). The house was full of wonderful old books, 12th century instruments, and about 100 rabbits (no exageration). There was wonderful food and laughter. A perfect evening. Today we take our friend in from Paris to Parc Guell. This is the fantastical park designed by Gaudi that is truly something to behold!

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