Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In Baltimore, but only for an hour...

Well, that isn't quite true, but only for a day. I have been in the US for about a week, but most of it has been spent in Tennessee with a family matter. I haven't seen a lot of this part of my family for twenty years or so. It is a most mysterious and magical thing to come face to face with one's roots. I came to Baltimore yesterday for a meeting with our executive committee and today have a meeting with some wonderful supporters from DC. Alas tomorrow I am back on a plane and off to Spain agian, but soon enough I will be back to the US for "Messiah" prep.

There are a lot of things in the mix here at AOT and I can't quite talk about any of them. In the coming weeks I will be announcing the new season. It includes some of our most popular past productions, and two new productions. The first will be a something very different and very important. The second will be a Baltimore production. I like have the opportunity to perform some of our more unique productions in Baltimore, this gem of a city that wants to experience the unusual and the cutting edge. This production will be all of these things. I just got off the phone with the fantastic mezzo-soprano who will take the lead in this production. She just returned from singing a Hoffman in Romania and the stories she tells are gripping and horrifying.

Soon we will be in high gear for "Messiah" publicity and also putting together a Holiday Spectacular event to thank our loyal audiences and to meet new friends. All these things will weigh heavily as I fly back to Barcelona, and I have to say I will look forward to my return in November to this side of the pond.

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